Towards an NFT-based future
of collectibles
As a bunch of NFT enthusiasts, our aim is to enrich the growing ecosystem with a new kind of digital collectible: The manifold universe of Dogemon.

Brian Mullaney


Founder of multiple companies and crypto projects. Extremely experienced Developer, especially in smart contracts. Specifically passionate about DeFi and NFTs.


Product Manager

Passionate project manager, specialized on big IT projects. Experienced UX designer for multiple high usage applications. Ethereum Blockchain enthusiast.


Content Creator

Highly skilled UI/UX designer. Worked with several startups, developing relevant products based on user needs and experience. Excellent knowledge of design methodologies, and usability.


Board Member

Active in Business Development,  and Marketing of rapidly scaling companies for multiple years. Became passionate about Crypto in general via DeFi.


Board Member

Founder of multiple companies. Experienced speaker. Experienced in Social Media Marketing for many years. Excited about all kinds of art in Crypto.
An unmatched NFT collection
used for gaming
Our vision is best described as three layers that are the building blocks for a modern and sustainable collectibles ecosystem. The base is the NFT-based decentralized ownership system supported by an BEP-20 Token for increased liquidity and trade ease. Built upon that is a layer that enriches the sole NFTs by detail-rich visuals and metadata. And the highest level is the application level, where the proven ownership together with visuals and metadata creates a large universe of utilization.

An ecosystem of utilization layers

As digital collectibles, Dogemon are of unmatched visual appeal and value. With native mobile apps you can explore and present your collection, buy $DOGEMON tokens and obtain detailed information about the Dogemon universe at any given time.

Detailed visuals and metadata

One of the most significant growth drivers is a rich and easy to integrate set of metadata and visuals for the Dogemon. This acts as a support layer for utilization applications.

Decentralized Token and NFTs

The ecosystem base of the Dogemon will always be our decentralized NFT and Token layers. This provides maximum trust in terms of ownership, while simultaneously providing huge supply advantages.

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