Capture Ultra-Rare Crypto Monsters

Collect $DOGEMON & experience the excitement of finding very rare crypto monsters that is all yours!
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Dogemon are cute animated NFT collectibles with varying scarcities. Each Dogemon is backed by a unique NFT and can be opened with $DOGEMON tokens. Many cute and fluffy monsters for all the top crypto projects are scheduled for phased release!

Deflationary Use Case

Dogemon Card Burn

100% of all Dogemon Card Purchases will be used to burn $Dogemon.

Fair Distribution

Community Driven

1,000 Dogemon coins given to anyone to organically grow the dogemoncoin community!

Community Driven

NFT Creation

Anyone can create their favorite cryptocurrency's dogemon NFT and get paid in dogemoncoin!
Discover all types of crypto monsters
in the dogeverse!
Woof Woof
Dogemon exist in many shapes and colours, each differing in unique looks and individual rarity. There are also extra-rare species waiting to be discovered.

Cute Monsters 

Every top cryptocurrency will be made into a dogemon card and can be opened as an NFT with $Dogemon.

Animated  Cards

The top cryptocurrencys will have multiple cards including rare versions that will be animated.

Ultra-Rare Shiny Dogemon

Every Dogemon has an Ultra-Rare Shiny Version that can be opened!

NFT Games

We are confident that our community will grow to the point that it will enable us to establish a Dogemon Universe with games coming soon.
An interconnected Ecosystem
of Apps and Marketplaces
As digital collectibles, Dogemon can be utilized by ever growing blockchain-based ecosystems. To accelerate this process Dogemon will exist in native mobile apps and widgets.

Delightful Apps

As digital collectibles, Dogemon are of unmatched visual appeal and value. With native mobile apps you can explore and present your collection, buy $DOGEMON tokens and obtain detailed information about the Dogemon universe at any given time.

Mobile Widgets

As your unique collection of Dogemon grows in value and variety, keep your most beloved Dogemon always by your side through native mobile widgets.
Discover Endless Possibilities
for Further Utilization
Physical collectibles cannot be accessed by modern art and games. However, as digital collectibles backed by non-fungible tokens, Dogemon can easily be integrated into many exciting blockchain connected products.

Layer 2 Utilization · Plug & Play

With a rich set of meta-data describing the properties of every single Dogemon, they can be easily integrated into Layer 2 Utilization Applications.

Proof Of Ownership · Blockchain-Secured

Dogemon are backed by non-fungible tokens, this means that as the sole owner, only you can integrate your growing collection into modern games & art.
Dogemon Games!
One of the most common questions we receive from the community is about the Dogemon Roadmap. At a high level, our vision is to create a collectible and gaming ecosystem with mainstream appeal. We are confident that our community will grow to the point that it will enable us to establish a Dogemon Universe that is accessible and enjoyable for everyone!
Roadmap Coming Soon

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